Business Insurance

Business Insurance

When you look at Business insurance you will need to decide on a lot of important factors, you will need to speak with a business insurance broker and they will take into account all the things that a relevant for your business like where is the business, what type of occupation do you have and what risks you should have insured and which ones you should just look after yourself due to a low probability of a claim actually happening.

If you need a business insurance quote we would recommend looking at one of the professionals at Bluewell Insurance Brokers Gold Coast with decades of cumulative experience and with most of their brokers having over 10 years in the industry, you can rest assured that this is the team you want on your side should the worst actually happen.

Generally when you deal with an insurance broker they will sit down with you and discuss the things that are relevant to your business, location, occupation, number of staff, turnover and what risks that have a high chance of occurring. If you sell dirt for a living things like theft of your stock may be high on your priorities list, so these are the type of thing a qualified insurance broker will sit down with you and look for.

Higher the risk the higher the premium, it seems common place but a lot of people don’t take this into account when they are considering how much there insurances will cost. Public liability Insurance for an asbestos removal business will start at over $5,000 where as the same Public liability for a brick layer will be closer to $500. So you can see right away how much occupation can effect your business and the price of your business insurance.

So talk to a business insurance professional today to make sure you are cover for if the worst happens.


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