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The below page provides information about income protection in Australia.  OneInsure is able to offer quotes from all of the major insurance companies for Income Protection.income protection insurance

Income Protection

Is a monthly benefit which pays you up to 75% of your income and covers you for accidents, illnesses or major traumas. Income protection is generally tax deductible. One variable with income protection is the waiting period.

OneInsure can offer an accident cover option without waiting periods.  Complete your details on the Quick Quote form or call our toll free number to get more information.   Accident cover without a waiting period is an option as part of an income protection policy.  This option is very popular with people on contract work.

Below we have provided an example in which the insured is benefited $3,000 per month to the age of 65 (which is another variable). The waiting period options range from 14 days, to 30 days up to 730 days. The figures below are based on non-smoker rates and are a guide only for age reference.

AGE Income Monthly Benefit Gender Monthly Premium
21 50,000 3,125 Male $47.67
Female $69.84
30 50,000 3,125 Male $47.67
Female $69.84
40 50,000 3,125 Male $68.60
Female $102.29
50 50,000 3,125 Male $127.72
Female   $193.93*
*  When females claim, statistics show that they tend to claim for a longer period of time than males.  Hence the premiums tend to be higher.  Ultimately, you are provided the cover you are paying for if you need to make a claim.  OneInsure ensures you are getting the most competitive premium for income protection we can from the licensed insurance providers throught Australia.
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