No Medical Test Required Be wary of such offers

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No Medical Test Required Be wary of such offers

No Medical Test Required! – Be wary of such offers

No medical tests required.  No medical history required.  Sound enticing?  You may have had a medical problem in the past.   You don’t have to worry about this affecting your new insurance.  Right?  Well no, it’s wrong.  Some new offers are being made by well known retail brands about quick and easy life insurance, no questions asked.

Offers of no medicals required and no medical history required, look too good to be true.  Well, they are!

How will your family be when they not only have to deal with grieving a lost loved one, they then find out that the insurance benefit won’t be paid.


If you have had a pre-existing condition or think you have the symptoms or should have known that you may have symptoms (are we all doctors?), then if your death is caused in anyway due to any of these conditions or symptoms, they will not pay the benefit.

Sound enticing now?

The best advice we can give is to get it all out there upfront.  Disclose your history, let the insurance company make an assessment, and then quote you a rate.  You then know that you are covered, for the correct price, and the claim will be paid as it is supposed to be.  To do this, you need advice about which cover, how much and who to insure with.  Get the right cover you need and you can get on with living.

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